Studio Lorier Distorted Ceramic Flowerpot - Large

At a glance

  • Made of stoneware
  • Bottom is distorted
  • Plant will always grow in vertical direction
  • Minimalist design, and use of the archetype flowerpot


This flowerpot by Studio Lorier is tilted, which has the illusion it is almost tipping over. The bottom is distorted, what make the pot stand in one direction. Great in contrast with a flower or plant, as it will always grow vertical direction.

Minimalist design, and use of the archetype flowerpot. Great to combine several pieces together for a very playfully effect. Great fit for medium sized plants and herbs, with a diameter of 13 cm.

Made of stoneware in the pastel colors: Green, Pink and Grey.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand Studio Lorier

  • Material Ceramic

  • Color gray

  • Length 14.0 cm

  • Width 14.0 cm

  • Height 17.0 cm

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