Tefal FV2660 Ultraglide Anti-Scale Steam Iron

  • Durilium technology
  • 150g/min steam boost
  • 40 g/min continuous steam
  • 0.27L water tank
  • Auto-shut off
  • Removeable scale collector
  • Anti-drip function
  • 2400W power

Combining power and efficiency with low maintenance, this iron offers 0-40g/minute steam output, to gently soften clothes for easier ironing. The Tefal Ultraglide Anti-Scale also boasts a trigger-controlled 150g/minute shot of steam that allows you to make light work of difficult and stubborn creases.

Scale Collector - the Anti-Scale solution

Limescale is the steam iron’s biggest enemy. Without an anti-scale solution, it will build up inside the steam chamber, clogging your iron. As well as reducing your iron’s steam output, this scale can get pushed through the soleplate and stain your clothes.

To tackle the issue, the removable Scale Collector was created. The patented removable anti-scale solution prevents blockages in the steam chamber and maintain long-lasting steam performance. Your iron’s steam output won’t diminish, which means you can achieve effortless, crease-free results, time and time again.

It’s easy to clean, too: pull out the collector at the rear of the iron and rinse with tap water - maintenance doesn’t get any simpler.


  • Brand Tefal

  • SKU FV2660

  • ean 3121042660100

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