Tefal IS8360 Upright Garment Steamer

Tefal's Instant Control IS8360 Garment Steamer smoothes out creases and removes odours in a quick and efficient way.

  • Great for last minute touch ups thanks to powerful 1700W and 35g/min vertical steam
  • Fast heat up of 45 seconds and 4 steam settings
  • Press & Steam vertical support to hold garments in place when steaming
  • Telescopic pole for easy storage
  • Convenient integrated hanging system

Whether you're in a rush to get to work or need to quickly freshen up a dress for dinner, the IS8360 will help you steam through your clothes in no time.

Maintaining crease-free, fresh garments without setting aside an afternoon to iron or making a costly trip to the dry cleaners is a rarity, but with the help of Tefal's garment steamer, you can get catwalk results in minutes.

The steamer uses a metal steam head with a pointed tip that guarantees precision. What's more the auto-off system automatically turns off the appliance after a period of non-use.

Even if storage space is tight, you needn't worry because the product feature a telescopic pole that collapses into itself. This ensures your cupboards as well as your clothes, remain tidy and no longer will you need to wrestle the ironing board back into the cupboard.


For added convenience the Instant Control features a patented press and steam vertical support panel. Made with a resistant glass fibre and PTFE fabric coating, the panel holds clothes firmly in place to make pressing your garments easier.

What’s more the IS8360 comes with a fabric brush, which opens the weave of your thicker garments for better steam penetration as well as a lint pad to add a professional finish to your clothes.

Ease of Use

Along with a simple on/off setting, its 1.7 litre removable water tank allows long steaming sessions.

Removable base to easily steam long clothes, sofas, curtains, sheets... as no more steam hose length constraint.

Vertical Board System

You don’t need an ironing board to make your outfit look creases-free: In only 45 seconds, you are ready for a quick touch-up before you go.

By reducing the hassle of setting up your ironing board you are in turn reducing the time that you spend making your clothes crease free.


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