Thomas Poganitsch Wall Hook

At a glance

  • Hand-made in Vienna
  • Gold, Silver or Copper Leaf
  • Designed for daily use as a wall hook for your wardrobe
  • Literally merging with the wall
  • Elegant, discreet and decent


This bird has been designed for daily use as a wall hook for your wardrobe. It’s an eyecatcher – especially when it’s free of clothes. The grouted screw makes the attachment of his wonderful piece easy and also very resistant. It holds your coats, heavy jackets and bags. Because of this easy way of attaching the bird to walls of many kinds you can of course arrange a swarm of birds to have your very own crowd in your room or outdoor. A proper screw anchor is included in this package, so you only need a drilling machine to attach the bird on a wall.

The characteristic feature of the birds is their simplicity: Their form and appearance is elegant, discreet, decent and reserved and never invasive. They form a appearance of living animals on the wall.

The birds are literally merging with the wall, which leads to a architectural relief of special kind. – Especially the way of colliding between light and shadow shows the simplicity and elegance of this product and therefore their play with perception. This continuing transformation (as a metaphor of dynamic and freedom) leads the viewer to an dreaming-kind impression. This bird is a one-piece pour of concrete with Copper, Silver or Gold leaf and therefore very robust and water-repellent.

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