Thrustmaster TX Ferrari F458 Italia Edition - Black

At a glance

  • Compatible with Xbox One and PC
  • Steering wheel & pedals give a real driving experience
  • Easy access to all game controls and buttons
  • Built-in motor provides realistic feedback
  • Realistic 900 degree lock-to-lock rotation


Speed past your opponents with this Ferrari steering wheel by Thrustmaster. It’s compatible with Xbox One and PC, and comes with pedals, giving you a real feel for driving. It also has easy-to-reach buttons embedded in the steering wheel for navigating the in-game menus. With lifelike force feedback, your games will offer an even more authentic racing experience, as you’ll feel every bump in the road. And the 900 degree lock-to-lock rotation means it’ll be super responsive when you need to make tight turns on the track.


  • Brand Thrustmaster

  • SKU 4468002

  • Warranty Duration 1.0 year

  • Wheel Diameter 28.0 cm

  • ean 3362932914563

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