Tidlo by John Crane Country Play Kitchen

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At a glance

  • Farmhouse-style wooden country play kitchen
  • Designed to be slightly taller than other play kitchens
  • Encourages role-play and imagination
  • Promotes social skills


This stunning new farmhouse-style wooden country play kitchen from Tidlo by John Crane will delight any child and look great in any house. It has been designed to be slightly taller than other play kitchens for years more play and the pale blue and white colours coupled with the beech wood effect counter are simply gorgeous.

Features include an oven, hob with clicking dials, storage cupboards, a Belfast sink, clock with moveable hands, utensil shelves, plus three kitchen utensils, a plastic bowl in the sink, salt and pepper shakers and some washing up liquid for realistic role-play! It is also portable as the handy side carry slots mean that it can be moved easily.

This Country Play Kitchen is without doubt one of our favourite wooden toys and will provide many happy hours of play.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand Tidlo

  • SKU M9888

  • Depth 36.0 cm

  • Length 92.0 cm

  • Width 77.0 cm

  • Height 58.0 cm

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