Trigonos Mini L Construction Toy

At a glance

  • Trigonos MINI L
  • Educational building game
  • Wooden educational toy
  • Trígonos is a life-long game


Trígonos is an educational building game using wooden blocks and sticks as well as fabric.

Trígonos stimulates curiosity, creativity and concentration: its creative possibilities are endless. Practically without noticing, they will start using various geometric shapes, they will triangulate and combine all pieces at hand. Once they finish, they will disassemble everything to face the next challenge.

Recommended for children +4 years old for geometrical, mathematical and construction challenges. Trígonos is a life-long game!

Shipped from Spain

In the box

  • 16 blocks / 28 pentagons / 80 sticks in five lengths / 6 pieces of fabric / 1 cardboard house-box


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