Van Tjalle & Jasper Mini Spot Table Lamp

At a glance

  • Dutch Design table lamp
  • Laser cutting MDF product
  • Produced in a social work facility
  • Affordable Dutch Design


The Mini-spot is made out of Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF), which gives the lamp it's light brown colour and a very warm hue. The edges are black as a result of laser cutting. The Mini-spot comes as a kit to be self assembled. Complete with wire, socket and instruction manual.

He might be small in size, but he sure knows how to tie a room together.

We are Tjalle and Jasper, two friends who started their own design label back in 2012, which we named Van Tjalle En Jasper. Easy does it! In our designs you often will find some cleverness. In the trend of Dutch Design you will also find functional design, cool shapes and some humor.

Shipped from the Netherlands


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