Vintage walnut wood desk organizer - Oitenta

At a glance

  • This fine object is handmade on demand in Spain
  • Made of chestnut and walnut wood
  • Vintage styled
  • It’s mainly functional but also beautiful


Vintage styled, custom, handmade desk organizer for your workspace desk, at home or at your office. It’s made out of solid chestnut wood with a rustic mid-century finishing using natural walnut tint, made of walnut shells.

It’s mainly functional but beautiful and it will help you hold pens and drawing tools, stationery accessories, electronic device’s chargers, clips, etc and keep them organized. It also has a mobile phone stand to use your phone as an alarm clock, with a lot of style in a classical way.

It will decorate your office as much as it will help you to be organized.

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