Volkl Deacon 74 Skis Marker with rMotion 12 GW Bindings


The Deacon 74 from Volkl redefines the way you experience the slopes. This new ski unites an ultra-competitive with a playful concept and allows you to ski super agile and tight turns with maximum creativity. The 3D.Glass construction with speedwall mulitlayer wood core and powered by Titanium comes with a full sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The new UVO 3D provides an incredibly smoothed out ride. The pre-mounted rMotion2 with GripWalk compatibility provides the required power transfer on the 74 mm tip & tail rocker.

At a Glance

  • Core:
  • Speedwall Multi Layer
  • Woodcore
  • UVO 3D
  • 3D.Glass
  • Powered by Titanium
  • Full Sidewall
  • Base: P-Tex 4504
  • Speedwall Multi Layer
  • Woodcore
  • Imcludes rMotion 12 GW Bindings


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