Wonderworld Ride On Fire Truck Car

At a glance

  • Bright red ride-on toy with fire engine decals
  • Handle allows child to steer where they desire
  • Storage space available underneath seat
  • Improves motor skills and muscle development
  • Made from rubber wood, non-toxic water based paints as well as biodegradable fabrics


Imagination comes alive with this Wonderworld ride-on fire engine as your children can now ride around with their own fire engine, just like a real fireman.

They can steer the handle to control their direction as they respond to imaginary fire alarms. Items can be stored in the space available underneath the seat. The Wonderworld ride-on fire engine is ideal for children to enjoy playing pretend while improving their motor skills.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand Wonderworld


  • MPN WW-4031

  • Depth 27.0 cm

  • Shipping Weight 6.0 kg

  • Length 50.0 cm

  • Width 35.0 cm

  • Weight 5.0 kg

  • Language English

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  • Store price £80.00

  • Save up to 40%

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