Wonderworld Wooden Marble Run Glow and Roll

At a glance

  • Unique brick locking system
  • Durable bricks made from recycled plastic and sawdust
  • Can be mixed and played in different combinations
  • Glow in the dark


The Wonderworld Trix Track Glow and Roll is an innovative new concept with special bricks and creative tricks. Join the wooden blocks together to create a sturdy ball run with special tricks along the way. Glow and Roll not only glows in the dark but includes 3 trick features and 2 balls.

The pieces can be joined in multiple ways, or collect all the sets to create the ultimate Trix Track! Suitable for children aged 3 years.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand Wonderworld

  • SKU B00IG33COY

  • MPN WW-7006

  • Depth 25.5 cm

  • Length 44.5 cm

  • Width 38.0 cm

  • Weight 1.3 kg

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  • Store price £50.00

  • Save up to 31%

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