Wonderworld Wooden Vegetable Set

At a glance

  • Realistic vegetable set that children can cut apart with the wooden knife. Includes wooden mushroom, tomato, green pepper and carrot pieces. Comes boxed in it's own little crate
  • Encourages children to learn about different vegetables
  • A great role playing accessory
  • Age: 3yrs+


The Wooden Veggie Basket from Wonderworld is packaged in a wooden crate with six pieces of colorful vegetables: Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Mushroom and Onion. The Veggie Basket comes with and wooden knife to "cut" the vegetables in half.

The Veggie Basket helps your child recognize shapes, colors and wide variety of vegetables. Your child can pretend to cut open the pre-cut vegetables with wooden knife and serve to their guests. Imaginative play is endless.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand Wonderworld


  • MPN WW-4513

  • Depth 6.0 cm

  • Gender Unisex

  • Length 15.0 cm

  • Width 13.0 cm

  • Weight 159.0 g

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