Wonderworld Wooden Work Bench with Tools

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  • Role play
  • Great activity toy
  • Provides fun and mechanical knowledge
  • Bullet Point 4


This work bench with tools from Wonderworld allows your little one to enjoy the fun of playing handyman and helping Daddy fix things around the house.

The playset comes with tools, such as a hammer, a screw driver, a wrench, nails, screws and more. It is ideal for developing fine motor skills involving small hand muscle movements.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand Wonderworld

  • UPC 8851285145601

  • SKU HOUT192438

  • Country of origin th

  • Material Wood

  • Color green

  • Length 41.0 cm

  • Width 34.0 cm

  • Height 75.5 cm

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  • Store price £80.00

  • Save up to 44%

  1. £57.02

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