Yamaha MG12 Mixing Console 12 Channel

The 12-channel MG12 by Yamaha is an excellent, comprehensive mixer with two buses and is well suited for bands, fixed installations and home recording. Thanks to the six high-quality D-PRE preamps, you can easily amplify microphones. Channels 1-4 are for compressors, and offer excellent dynamic control. When there is a signal above the preset threshold factor, the signal is automatically lessened to make mixing easier and to offer more headroom in your mixer.

A mountain of sound with the MG10

With the MG10 you have everything you need to produce a good mix. First-class preamps are equipped with high-pass filters, a -20dB knob, a 3-band EQ, and 2 auxiliaries for monitoring or effects. You also have the option of connecting condenser microphones, because 48V phantom power is available on all microphone channels. Channels 5-8 are the hybrid channels and can be used as mono or stereo, whereas channels 9-12 are dedicated stereo channels. You can assign all channels to group 1-2, to the master output, or to both. Additionally, you can send out the signal through one of these buses. 


  • Brand Yamaha

  • UPC 4957812553940

  • SKU 1163860

  • MPN CMG12

  • Length 422.0 mm

  • Width 308.0 mm

  • Weight 4.0 kg

  • Height 118.0 mm

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