Yamaha NS-AW592 Outdoor Speaker Pair - Black

Excellent Audio Performance

Yamaha drew on its long experience as a manufacturer of top quality HiFi speaker systems to develop these three all-weather models. We were able to make them extremely durable while still maintaining audio performance up to Yamaha standards. The woofer uses a highly responsive cone and a fluid-cooled soft dome tweeter, both specially processed for water resistance. The internal structure has been carefully designed for optimal time alignment between the two units, providing proper sound imaging. A waveguide and front baffle ensure good sound dispersion characteristics. Tonal clarity in all frequency ranges is excellent, with very low distortion.

All-Weather Construction

With a plastic cabinet and specially processed woofer and tweeter, these speakers will perform reliably when mounted outdoors. They are water resistant, and are not affected by sunlight (UV rays) or high or low temperatures.

Versatile Applications

Designed primarily for use as outdoor speakers, they can add to the fun of backyard parties, supply background music on patios and decks or be mounted in or near the garage. They can be used indoors or outdoors at public facilities, as well as inside shops. And of course, they can also serve as surround speakers in home theater installations.

Various Installation Possibilities

The bracket that comes with each speaker can be adjusted in multiple ways, providing a wide variety of installation possibilities. On the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor, with either end facing up, or even horizontally, with a 90° adjustment range. Virtually any way the customer wants to install them is possible.

Unique Cosmetic Design

The NS-AW392, NS-AW592 and NS-AW992 have a unique, appealing design that sets them apart from other outdoor speakers, most of which are box-shaped. Even though they stand out on their own, once you install them you'll find they nicely match the exterior or interior decor.

Technical Specifications: NS-AW592 White Speaker : (x2)

Nominal Impedance8 OhmSensitivity (2.83V/m)


Frequency Response +/-6dB

55Hz -20kHzCrossover frequency Drive Units (LF)160mm (6.5in)

(MF)-(HF)25mm (1in)Input Power50W - 150W


  • Brand Yamaha

  • SKU yamnsaw592k

  • Power Consumption 50.0 W

  • Length 14 Cm

  • Width 20.6 cm

  • Impedance 8.0 ohm

  • Weight 2.4 kg

  • Min Frequency Response 55.0 Hz

  • Height 34 cm

  • EAN 4957812463621

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