Hiking & Outdoors

There is nothing better than being in nature and experiencing all that it has to offer. It ignites a

still peace in us. Are you passionate about the outdoors? Perhaps a hiking fanatic? Whatever

outdoor activity lights your fire, we encourage you to pursue it. Do the things that make you

happy. Embrace your passion. Embrace being you. Going hiking for the weekend? Ensure that

your hiking boots are fully equipped for the correct terrein. Which hiking boot is the best for

you? Salomon, The North Face, Lowa or perhaps Merrell. Either way, we’re sure you’re

going to have a fantastic hiking weekend. Now don’t forget a waterproof tent and a cosy

sleeping bag (we’ve even got double sleeping bags for those of you who’d like to snuggle).

What do you pack into your outdoor backpack for the hike? Perhaps a water purifier or your

nifty climbing accessories? Whatever you do, don’t forget your water. Here is to the great

outdoors. Here is to your passion. Embrace it. Follow it. Be more you.

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