Sports Accessories

Sporting enthusiasts, which sports accessory can you not live without? Which sports

accessory is key to your sporting success? We find sports watches and activity trackers

rather neat. They are really helpful in keeping track of the distance you’ve run and your body’s

response to the exercise. What is the best fitness tracker? You take your pick from the

Garmin Forerunner to the Polar H10 or perhaps the Suunto Spartan Sport GPS watch.

Whichever sparks your interest, we’ve got it or will get it. GPS Navigation is rather handy when

out and about in nature. Browse our collection of GPS navigation tools and accessories.

Perhaps a Satmap Active or a Garmin Edge meets your fancy? You pick it. We get the best


We’ve also got a good collection of duffel bags and sports caps. Thumbs up to that. Which

sport ignites your passion? Fishing? Or maybe you’re into Golf? Or perhaps canoeing is more

your thing? Whatever it is. Follow it. Embrace it. Ignite your passion. We support you.

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