Peddler Guides for Merchants

'Peddling' products

When it comes to displaying your products, our sales team know all the top tricks for creating beautiful product pages quickly and easily on Peddler.

Including as much detail as possible is important, as it enables our AI to put your products in front of the right people, and include them in the correct marketing streams. We've compiled a guide with best practices and tips to make sure your products receive the attention they deserve!

Creating a product page

To make an individual product page, log in to your merchant portal.

Firstly, check if the product has already been added to the site by one of our users. To do this, search for the product you want to add. If your product is not already on Peddler, then go to the main menu (top right hand corner) and click 'Post a Product'.

Take the link/URL from your website that links to the product page, and enter it into the box on the 'Post a Product' screen. Click 'Peddle it'. You'll be taken to the product page with all the details pre-filled where you can edit the product details.

Uploading your product feed

If you have lots of new products you would like to post live from your website, you can take your product feed and upload it to your merchant dashboard, under the tab 'Product Feed'. Once the upload is complete, you'll be able to view and post any of your products by clicking on the 'Imported Products' button.

This allows you to browse all of your products from your merchant dashboard and to post offers in one easy step.

If you need help retrieving your product feed, please contact your merchant success representative at [email protected]


General tips for product pages

Every product requires the lots of detail regardless of their type; including all of this information is the key to a great start on Peddler.

Fortunately, our 'Peddle a product' tool extracts most of the information from your site already, using the link you paste into our site, cutting out most of the manual input. What follows is an outline of the important bits we need in order to boost sales on your products:

  • Title: Include an accurate title. The best titles follow this sequence: [Brand name], [Product Code], [Specs e.g. 4K, HDR, OLED, 1400RPM], [Product.type e.g. TV, Food Mixer]. Avoid using unsearchable terms and punctuation, like quotation marks as it makes products more difficult to find.
  • Brand: Include the brand name.
  • Category: Select the category. This ensures your product will show up when potential customers are searching and browsing your products.
  • Sub category: Select the subcategory that fits best from the drop down menu. This helps our marketing team show your products to the right visitors.
  • RRP: Include the recommended price from the manufacturers. This price should include the cost of the VAT. A correct RRP at this stage helps us calculate the percentage discount later when you post an offer.
  • Description: Check your description is relevant to the product and the website, and any additional promotional references that do not apply are removed. We recommend a short bullet point list of the key features under the header 'At a glance', then some sentences describing the product under the header 'Description'.
  • Add the product specifications: Enter the type of spec that applies, then click 'Add'. This allows you to save any relevant specifications for the product, e.g. colour, size, weight, dimensions, code.
  • Special note on GTIN / EAN codes: Remember to add the EAN code as a specification field to the product. This enables the product to be easily identified, and helps it appear in search and generally be more visible to customers.


Top tip: Remember to boost your product once you have created it and to add it to the relevant communities so others can see it. This way, you'll make your product more visible so more users will be able to request an offer from you, and this action will also allow you to keep a list of all the products you have added, which you can find in the 'My Boosts' section on your main menu.


Examples of best practice for product pages

To give you an idea of the best types of product pages, we've included some example product pages from the site, with the best bits explained in the description below:


The title includes the name, brand and product code, so it's immediately clear to customers what they are looking at. The merchant has included many pictures of the item at different angles, so the customer can browse and be confident in their purchase - 3 images at minimum is best however we give you room to add up to 9 images.


Notice that the item is easily searchable, having been itemized by Category ~ Subcategory ~ Brand.

For more ideas, visit the page here.

Coffee Machines

The first product image should ideally be on a flat white background for homepage display purposes. Plenty of images of the product in action including lifestyle photos are also ideal!


The description contains bullet points containing the key headline points of the product. The specifications contain key information about the brand, most importantly the EAN and unique product identifiers and the colours in which the item is available.

For more information, visit the page here.


On this page, the creator has included lots of info on the specifications and the products EAN code from the manufacturer which enables our search and marketing to quickly pick your product and display it in the right places.


For bundle deals, you can add header banners to promote the extras that come with the product. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information on how we can help you make your bundle information more prominent.

You can view this product page here.

Next step - Post your offers

Peddler users are waiting on your latest products! Head to the 'Peddle it' screen to get started here.

Do you need further help uploading your products to your account? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with your questions.