Get ready

What makes you “tick”? What excites you and makes your heart beat faster? Be it the great outdoors or the latest camera kit, sporting the best fitness gear or playing a new video game. If it sparks your passion. Get it. Unbox it. Review it. Start the conversation.

Create your authentic space. Join the community that shares your passion. Whatever it may be.

Share the passion. Start the conversation. Get better deals together @ Peddler

Peddler is launching the first truly social marketplace that connects communities worldwide with desired products and interest-based discussion. With genuine photos, videos, and reviews from Instagram Influencers or even your next door neighbour, customers can research the products they want without having to leave the site. In addition to helping shoppers make informed decisions, content creators can build their reach and get rewarded. With Peddler, consumers now have a trusted go-to for product insights, and can group buy from  reputable sources at competitive prices. This will allow them to be rewarded for sharing their product experiences without hassle for other shoppers and fans like them to benefit. 

Peddler will be the first marketplace to start accepting Facebook’s Libra as one of the main currencies. Products on Peddler range from the trendiest headphones to the best-reviewed new kitchen appliances.  What distinguishes them from other retailers like Amazon or Ebay is their ability to harness collective purchasing power and provide genuine consumer generated content- no fake or paid product reviews necessary. Peddler wants to build trust with consumers through real reviews from real people.

Shoppers can post the products they want to Peddler, and get a lower price through a group buy. If a product is mentioned online with words such as ‘expensive’ or ‘over-priced’ Peddler identifies a market need for those products at a more reasonable price.

Make an impact by sharing your passion and get heard by everyone, including brands and communities. Help everyone- including yourself- get the best deal out there. Best of all, the more helpful you are the more freebies  and cash you can get. You do not need to be a Gigi Hadid to have your voice heard. Share your secret passion of playing video games, your for love interior design or hiking gear.

For content creators and influencers, we increase your reach with the attention of 1000's of product fans like you and get instant recognition by big brand names. Monetize your authenticity...without compromising your brand. You can reuse existing content or create new product content- the choice is yours! Give your product content new meaning - linked right back at ya. As easy as making overnight oats. That’s the Peddler way.

Stay tuned. Don't get FOMO.