The number one question before launching your online business.

Whether you have a brick and mortar store and sell products online or own an exclusively online business, you probably came across this question a few times: Which products should I sell online?

Storage space is limited and testing too many different products could be a frustrating and costly strategy.


You might know your local audience fairly well (Charlotte really enjoys buying new things for her garden every other week, doesn’t she?). But when it comes to online sales, you might be attracting a group of visitors from Ireland who is really keen on your coffee makers but you might not have realised that air purifiers also convert really well in that region among that demographic. So how do you know where you are missing out on opportunities and if you should be sourcing different brands and product categories for your online store?

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There are many different answers to your questions. If you have a passion for product trends, keyword research, and data analysis, you may enjoy the constant process of closely monitoring your sales data and optimizing your inventory. But if that’s not your cup of tea, we’ve got your back!

Peddler was founded by a group of smart tech guys who use technology to increase the efficiency of their marketplace. Nothing is more effective than focusing on products that actually convert. Peddler’s algorithms scan the internet to identify the products people are talking about and looking for so we can create a personalized board with the products from your inventory that we know would convert well on our marketplace.

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