Cana-Vac LS550 With Essentials Accessories Kit

Cana-Vac LS550 with Essentials Accessories Kit - PN33 Power-head Adjustable Height and Dirt Sensor

Product Details:

  • The Signature series is designed for mid to large homes (Up To 5,000 Sq ft) where families, pets, and active daily activities will push a central vacuum system day in and day out. The LS550 Canister is a high performing, reliable machine, which has a Tangential Bypass Motor at it's core. The Signature line is ideal for medium to large size homes. The Canavac LS550 provides up to 5,000sq.ft of coverage, and when buying a Central Vacuum you would want to double your square footage (this is to account for things such as multiple levels, number of bends, length of pipe used, and the number of inlets)
  • LS Power Essentials Pack: The LS Power Essentials Powerhead features a dirt sensor that shows you when a floor surface is dirty or clean. Its built-in rug guards prevent the powerhead from grabbing onto carpet and jamming up. Unlike traditional belt drives, it’s cogged design eliminates belt stretching and provides steady, reliable performance. Excellent for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and Carpeting. Switch from hardwood to carpeting without changing tools.
  • TANGENTIAL BYPASS MOTOR: When you select the Signature Series of central vacuum systems, you immediately take a step up with the heavy duty performance and longevity of a Tangential Bypass Motor. Unlike Flow-Thru motors which use vacuumed air to cool the motor, Tangential motors have a dedicated “fresh air” cooling fan for optimal cooling. This maximizes its life expectancy and provides Signature with a premium source of power. Airwatts: 465 - 137" Inches of Waterlift
  • High Efficiency HEPA Filtration System that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 mircon. This “hybrid” model can be used with or without a bag, at any moment, and is equipped with a self-cleaning filter which captures microscopic particles. 3 Pack Allergen Bags included with all Signature models. 19L/5 gal Dirt Pail

Included in the package:

  • Cana-Vac LS-550 Canister
  • 30Ft. Hose w/On Off
  • Floor Brush with Soft Bristle
  • PN33 Power Nozzle with Height adjustment and Dirt Sensor
  • Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool
  • Noise Dampening Muffler
  • High Efficiency HEPA Filter
  • 3 Disposable material bags
  • Disposable Bag Adaptor


  • Brand Canavac

  • SKU LS55030CPN33KIT

  • UPC 800248110253

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