Cuisinart Egg Central Cooker for 10 Eggs

At a glance...

  • Cooks 10 eggs at once - two cooking racks hold up to ten eggs in shells
  • More ways to cook eggs!, includes nonstick 4-egg poaching tray and 3-egg omelet tray.
  • Perfect results - Amount of water added regulates cooking time for omelets, poached and soft, medium or hard cooked eggs.
  • Unique Shape and Styling - Vented domed lid is brushed stainless steel; sleek shape looks great on the counter
  • Best results - piercing pin on base of water beaker lets you pierce eggs before cooking to keep shell from cracking.
  • Simple Operation - Single On/Off switch and indicator light.
  • Standby Mode -This handy feature helps prevent eggs from overcooking.
  • Easy Cleanup - All removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Includes: 2 egg holders for serving.
  • BPA Free

Product Detail:

The Cuisinart Egg Central appliance has a new two-tiered cooking system that allows ten eggs to be cooked at once. Eggs can be cooked to a hard, medium or soft consistency. The egg cooker also comes with removable trays that can be used to poach eggs and make omelets. Cooking time is controlled precisely by the amount of water added. Fill included measuring beaker to the appropriate range and pour water into cooking plate. The built-in LED light, audible alert and standby mode help guard against overcooking. All egg favourites can be made in one compact unit.



  • SKU CEC-10C

  • UPC 068459140531

  • Dimensions 6.30" x 7.30" x 7.75"

  • Weight 2.1 lb

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