Dualit Classic Vario AWS Combi Metallic Silver 2plus1 Slot Toaster

Product Description

The Dualit Classic Combi 2+1 Metallic Silver Toaster is the perfect solution if you require the convenience and additional flexibility of making toasted sandwiches as it is supplied with a Dualit sandwich cage. Dualit Classic Toasters have been hand built in the UK by skilled craftsmen since the 1950s, justifiably earning their reputation as a kitchen essential and a design icon.


It’s the simple things in life that are most rewarding which is true of the Dualit Classic toaster. Originally designed for use in commercial kitchens, the manually operated Dualit Classic toaster is built for heavy-duty use. With a design that has changed very little over its lifetime it is the perfect blend of the simple and the highly sophisticated.


Every single Dualit Classic toaster is handmade in the UK by a small team of skilled craftsmen. No compromise is taken on quality and attention to detail - from the cast aluminum ends and stainless steel body to the tests and inspections that each toaster undergoes. That’s why each Dualit Classic toaster features the assembler’s name on its base plate.


One of the key features of a Dualit Classic toaster are its patented ProHeat elements. Each Dualit ProHeat element has more winds-per-square-centimetre than other elements, providing even browning and the perfect crunch to your toast. Each ProHeat element has a protective covering made from Mica, an inert and totally food-safe silicate mineral. This covering allows heat to pass through while keeping the filaments clean and providing a protective layer that is virtually unbreakable. ProHeat elements are replaceable, ensuring minimal disruption and prolonging the working life of the toaster.


The Dualit Classic Combi 2+1 Toaster is easy to use. The energy-efficient slot-selector control allows you to select between providing heat to one, two or all three slots and the mechanical timer gives total control of your browning preferences.


The extra-wide (28mm) slots of a Dualit Classic Toaster accommodate all sizes of bread. The Classic's high-lift mechanism allows you to easily remove smaller items, while the removable crumb tray keeps work surfaces crumb free. A patented adjustable rear foot provides stability on uneven surfaces while a patented thermal protection device protects from overheating.


It is good to know that all Dualit Classic toasters are fully repairable. Both the ProHeat elements and mechanical timer can be replaced to prolong the life of the toaster.


For added versatility a sandwich cage is provided with the Dualit Classic Combi 2+1, turning the toaster into toasted sandwich maker. The sandwich cage keeps the filling where it should be whilst giving the bread a good crunch. The sandwich cage can also be used for toasting smaller items like teacakes, waffles, crumpets and muffins.

An optional warmer, perfect for croissants, pastries and a variety of bread products, is also available separately.


The Dualit Classic Combi 2+1 toaster weighs 4kgs and measures 31cms x 21cms x 22cms.


The Dualit Classic Combi 2+1 toaster has a 12 month Dualit guarantee whilst the ProHeat elements are covered by a 2 year Dualit guarantee.


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