KORG Synthesizer MS-20 mini

The classic MS-20 - built in mini-gro size! In 1978 he original circuits awakening to a new life

Introduced in 1978, is the mono phone MS-20 Synthesizer thanks to its rich, robust sounds, his mighty, iconic analog filter and the flexible patching options until today much sought-after. The typical MS-20 Sounds of the original, the KORG MS-20 plug-in synthesizer of legacy collection and the iMS-20 app for the iPad, have now more than 300,000 users loved it.

Now they are the sounds from the MS-20 in the MS-20 mini to new life. The same engineers 1978 The MS-20 developed, today its circuits is true to the original and reproduced and its physical format will be reduced to 86% of the original size, without the typical and timeless look of the prototype translates to change or to details to give up! The MS-20 mini fascinating today with absolutely authentic analogue synthesizer sounds of his ancestors.

The MS-20 mini was realized by engineers of the first MS-20 and uses a complete reproduction of the original analogue circuit:

  • 2 VCO/2 VCA/2 VCF/2 EC/1 LFO structure
  • Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filter with unique distortion
  • External Signal Processor (ESP)
  • Extremely flexible patching system

Highlights & Details

  • In 1978 he built the original circuits after
  • Midi and USB-connection


  • Faithful reproduction of the MS 20 at 86% of its physical size
  • MIDI IN and USB connection
  • Reproduced every detail of the original, up to the packaging and the manual in the original style.


  • AC-adapter (9 V/1.7A)
  • Patch cable x 10.


  • Brand Korg

  • EAN 4959112094529

  • SKU 1763256


  • Country of origin jp

  • Length 257.0 mm

  • Width 493.0 mm

  • Weight 4.8 kg

  • Height 208.0 mm

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