The blowtorch of outdoor stoves, the XGK EX is a reliable all-condition stove that’s built to excel during extended expeditions and mountaineering adventures. If you need to melt buckets of snow for drinking water, the XGK EX is a sure-fire choice. If you need to simmer the white sauce, you could find a more practical stove.

Flexible fuel line keeps stove compact.

Retractable legs increase stability of stove platform.

High-output element burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto-fuel, diesel, aviation gas, JP-8 and Jet 1-A.

Boils 1L in 3.6 minutes (white gas) or 2.9 minutes (kerosene).

Output is 10,500BTU (white gas), 12,500BTU (kerosene), 6800BTU (unleaded gas).

Includes windscreen, heat reflector, stuff sack, small parts kit, and fuel pump.

Fuel bottle sold separately.


  • Brand MSR

  • Length 10.0 cm

  • Width 8.0 cm

  • Weight 396.0 g

  • Country Of Origin USA

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