Numark NTX 1000 USB Turntable Direct Drive

Product Overview

The NTX1000 turntable from Numark is an excellent choice for the professional DJ or demanding music lover. This turntable is made to withstand the violence of a wild night in the club! This is because the turntable has an isolated design that easily eliminates feedback and external vibrations. This is a direct drive turntable with an impressive start-up torque (of 4.0 kgf / cm) so that you can turn your plates immediately without waiting! The S-shaped tonearm is adjustable in height, so that you can adjust the pressure of the needle on the plate as desired. So you can also use the NTX1000 for scratching!

Sturdy, high-powered turntable from Numark!

The Numark NTX1000 is the record player for the versatile record lover and / or DJ. This shows itself not only in the adjustable tonearm, but also in the built-in 45 RPM adapter so that you can also easily play 7-inch records (such as Singles) on the turntable. In addition, the tonearm is provided with damped cueing and anti-skate functionality, which means that you can lower the tonearm on the plate in a controlled manner without it 'falling' on it, and preventing the needle from slipping over the plate. For your performance this means that you can be assured of pretty accurate tracking. Finally, it is possible to adjust the pitch range (± 8%, ± 16%, and ± 50%) and reset it at the touch of a button.


  • Brand Numark

  • EAN 676762314213

  • SKU 1687628

  • Country of origin us

  • Color black

  • Length 368.0 mm

  • Width 450.0 mm

  • Weight 8.14 kg

  • Height 156.0 mm

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