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  • Being powered by the built in rechargeable 5200mAh battery it is very portable and versatile. It comes with a mini tripod and it is designed to be rested closed to the ground and there is no keystone adjustment, using the tripod there is no need to adjust keystone, just move it back or forward the screen to adjust screen size.
    The built in speaker is good enough for casual viewing, it does have headphone jack for connecting to your hifi if needed. I find the sound is adequate compare to my other projector as this one have little to no fan noise at all. I have played MP4 videos from the micro SD card slot and it also play files form my USB external HD.
    Connecting my Samsung S8+ to the projector is simple, almost plug and play. The wire connection shows no Lag at all and gaming on my phone with screen mirrored is very enjoyable. It does not work with my Netfix and Prime video app but that most likely due to copy right protection rather than the projector fault.

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  • This handheld have a nice and clear screen, and a built in led torch at the right place. The LCD screen angle to the handle is adjustable, it has built in recording feature and also a freeze screen function which is a must. A media card is already installed ready for recording video.
    This is a very well designed standalone scope. When I was clearing my kitchen outdoor drain last time I was holding my phone in one hand, WiFi scope in another hand, trying to use the touch screen and my phone as a torch light. Drain cleaning is a dirty business and so many times I nearly dropped my phone into the drain.
    The Zoto have a much bigger focus distance so you see a lot more with its camera. Other cheaper scope requires you to be at 5-10cm, this camera is like your phone camera but at the end of a really long wire

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  • The design of the brush minimise the risk of burn as all the hot metal parts is below the plastic brush, the metal will not touch your scalp or hand unless you poke your fingers into the metal plate. With the Revamp brush I let my 10 years old daughter do her own hair under supervision and she gets on just fine and being this is the first time she used heated hair styling device.
    Press and hold the temperature + or _ to activate or deactivate the lock function. When the number dial lit up solid it is ready to use, usually less than a minute from cold. The power cord is of good quality, it does not get warm after 20 minutes of use.
    The only trick to it is to slight tug the end of the hair so the brush glide through with even amount of hair through the hot plate. Usually just once or twice over the area to get straight, smooth and shine hair.
    If you have found my review at all helpful, I would very much appreciate if you could please click the "helpful" button below, thank you

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  • The 75t is water resistant, fast charging from case, great noise isolation and has voice assistant enabled with connected to compatible devices.
    The noise isolation from the earbuds is exceptional. When you have them in your ear seated correctly it feels like sitting in an expensive car, the noise from outside just fades away. Once the music starts to play you get the feeling that you are out of this world and drift into another dimension. It is when you switch on hearThrough then you realized that you are still rooted in a busy street etc.
    I have tested the battery life and it is shorter than the claimed 7.5 hours, I get average 6 hours per charged to 100%. The case can charge the earbuds 4 times and for emergency I managed to get 50 minutes of play time from 15 minutes charging.
    Voice control allows you to speak to your phone assistant through the earbuds. I have it set to Amazon Alexa, using it fin music, weather, control my smart devices around the house etc.

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  • I had this coffee maker for the past few months and we love it. We drink a lot of coffee between me and my wife, the capsule coffee pod machines we had was great but expensice and not very enviroment friendly. Switiching to bean to cup has changed our coffee exerience greatly, nothing beats the fresh grinded coffee in the morning, busy work day, after work.....anytime :)
    It is easy to use and once all set up all you need is to press a button and coffee comes out ..... maintance include topping up with beans, empty the compressed coffee waste (to my garden plants) and cleaning the press once a month with a hoover.
    The only negative I have with the ESAM4200 is that the water tank is on the small size. Everytime it power up and power down it will use a little water to self clean, it is a good thing as it will keep it hygene and avodi clog etc but the tank could be a tad bigger given the size of the machine is already big.
    It looks good on the counter top but a bit bulky

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  • The Ninja Multi Cooker is our new favourite cooking pot in the kitchen. It is stylish to look at and very easy to use, perfect for roast dinner and making Chinese soup.
    The coated pot is easy to wash, even burnt BBQ sauce comes off with a simple wipe. Cooking under pressure cut down cooking times significantly and it locks in all the favour. The air crisping function works a treat with Yorkshire pudding, french fries and ribs. Everything turns out golden brown and not oily like a deep fryer. No mess as everything is contained within the pot.
    Roast chicken under 20 minutes! BBQ ribs under 15 minutes with fall off the bones tender meat!
    I strongly recommend to get the large size, it will be worth it.

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