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  • I am new to the hobby of photography. I purchased this lens to allow me to capture images of wildlife in my garden. The standard lens that came with my Nikon D3400 was not capable of the close up shots that I wanted to take. I spent a lot of time researching various lenses and manufaturers and eventually decided on this lens. I have taken some lovely images with this lens and it opens up all sorts of possibilities for a beginner. It is easy to use and with auto focus, very quick too. Being a Nikon lens, you are virtually guaranteed good quality and compatibility. I would not be without it. In the video I review and demonstrate the lens, showimg minimum to maximum magnigication with several stops inbetween. A great addition to your Nikon set up.

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  • I bought this carpet cleaner after a lot of research and it is a great way to clean your own carpets. It pays for itself very quickly if you have a lot of carpet cleaning to do. It certainly did a great job of cleaning my carpets, my aunt borrowed it to clean hers too! The cleaner is easy to set up and use. It has two brushes which means twice the agitation and much better results than the vast majority of carpet cleaners available. You can deep clean or just freshen up your carpets as required. It has a spot cleaning spray facility. The included tools also allow the cleaning of stairs, isolated stains and upholstery with an included hose that attaches to the cleaner. Topping up the solution tank and emptying the dirty tank is easy. Please watch the video for an indepth look at it and a demonstration.

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  • This Dremel Kit is extremely versatile. The included attachments and bits allow it to perform many different tasks with ease. Every workshop should have a rotary multitool and Dremel are the market leaders, with very good reputation that has been earned over a number of years. In the video I review the machine and attachments and attempt to give a comprehensive overview of the kit and what it can be used for. I love this product and although I do not use it all of the time, there have been times when it has been the only tool that will solve a problem that I have come across. I also use it for carving and sanding small projects. The case keeps everything neat tidy and easy to find. Buying the kit is cheaper than buying it all individually.

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  • I have wanted a drum sander for a long time and after working on a number of small projects last year I finally decided to get one. I went online and began researching various makes and models and when I saw this Triton machine, I decided to buy it. It really is a handy bit of kit for any workshop as it is two sanders in one. A drum sander and a belt sander. The belt sander is very handy as it allows you to sand quickly and safely with way more control than the larger models. The drum sander allows the sanding of curves, inside and out. I was impressed with the whole set up when it arrived, there is a storage space on the machine for everything so it is neat and tidy. I connected my shop vac to the dust extraction port and was very impressed with the result, virtually no dust! Please watch the video for an indepth review of this product, I am very glad that I decided to buy this sander and have used it a lot since it arrived.

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    • a month ago
    Evolution R255SMS+ TCT Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw 255mm 10" 240V
    From: $233.16
    • 5 out of 5
    Evolution Power Tools send me equipment to review and the R255SMS in the video was provided by them. I still have it in my workshop and it is my everyday 'go to' mitre saw. I have several Evolution mitre sws and this one is my favorite. I am in no way affiliated with them. However, I am a little biased as I really like Evolution gear and they are based here in the UK. The attached review is my opinion on this product and at the very least, the video will give you a good overview of the saw and it's capabilities. I have used mine a lot since I reviewed it and it is a capable machine. The review is for the base model, the R255SMS+ has a few extras, but the basic saw is the same. This saw is a fine product for the price.

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  • DJI Osmo Pocket Camera - 3 Axis Gimbal
    From: $431.19
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    This is a brilliant product. I have had mine for some time now and it is so convenient and easy to use. A 4K stabilised video camera that fits in your pocket. I take mine with me whenever I go on holiday or out and about if I think I may want to shoot some footage. The video is very smooth and clear. It only takes seconds to take the camera out of your pocket, switch it on and start filming. It fits in yout hand and is not obtrusive, most people will have no idea that you are holding a video camera as you walk around. The microphone is acceptable, not brilliant, but certainly good enough. Battery life is pretty good too. DJI have also been working on certain issues and the camera has been improved after firmware updates. If you are looking for a good quality 4K camera with brilliant stabilisation that you can carry in your pocket, you will not be disappointed with the DJI Osmo Pocket! @DJI Osmo Pocket Camera - 3 Axis Gimbal

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    • a month ago
    Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
    From: $260.44
    • 5 out of 5
    I have had this pressure washer for three and a half years and have used it regularly for some very large jobs. It is a brilliant pressure washer and does a very good job of cleaning up all of the dirt and mould after a long damp winter. It is very important to drain any water out of the machine before storing in the winter to prevent frost cracking the pump casing. I also purchased the drain cleaning kit and removed a blockage in my drainage system. The K4 is a great pressure washer!

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  • The latest generation Bosch IXO screwdriver is a real improvement on the older models. The variable speed trigger helps prevent the screw flying off the bit when the trigger is pressed, (the older versions were just on or off) so starting off is much easier with way more control. The direction is changed via a button on the top of the screwdriver, so the issue I have with accidentally knocking the diredtion toggle next to the trigger on the older models has been fixed too. It is charged via USB, has plenty of battery power for larger jobs, see the video I demonstrate how many screws it will drive in and out on a full charge. I am very pleased with this tool.

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  • This is a brilliant bread maker. We use it four or five times a week and it makes lovely fresh bread with very little effort. We have had it for over 10 months now. We mainly use it for bread rolls, making the dough, shaping it and then baking in the oven. It makes great loaves, pizza dough, naan bread and many more tasty treats. It is very easy to use, comes with a recipe book, a set of comprehensive instructions a measuring spoon and beaker. You need a decent set of scales for the flour and butter etc.. My old machine was a Panasonic and still works after many years of use. We decided to upgrade as it was looking a little old! We love this product and the smell of freah bread baking is a real pleasure too. A great product!

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