DIY Candle Kit - Create your eco candles - Essentials, 5 fragances

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DIY Candle Kit - Create your eco candles - Essentials, 5 fragances

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The Greatest Candle in the World

The greatest candle in the world is the one you make. Make your own ecological candle at home using scented wax and vegetable cooking oils. It is a fast, safe, original, and economic way to prevent the consumption of natural resources and the contamination of our ecosystems.

This kit includes:

– 1 Pyrex measuring cup
– 1 Scent Set with 5 x 20g sachets of ecological scented wax of different fragrances
– 5 ST 16 wicks
– Instructions

This Kit makes 5 x 110g candles; 10 x 50g candles or 20 x 25g candles

Weight: 0.480 kg
Dimensions: 24 × 14 × 15 cm
Net weight: 100 gr

Your impact 

Give waste a new life: this kit PREVENTS THE CONTAMINATION OF 500m3 OF WATER thanks to the reuse of vegetable oils that would otherwise be wasted.

With candles made from wasted vegetable cooking oils, you contribute to a greener, healthier, and more sustainable planet. The candles are environmentally friendly products that materialize a circular economy in a domestic environment, that make people of all ages, including children, love their waste!

Save water and oil: in five days, a European citizen consumes an average of 1.000 L of water. On the other hand, for every 1L of wasted vegetable cooking oil, that is not properly recycled, it pollutes 1.000.000 L of water. 

Prevent contamination: In 90% of cases, the wasted cooking oil is poured into the sink. In contact with water, it forms a layer at the top that prevents the absorption of oxygen and sunlight by marine life. It is also difficult to eliminate in the pipelines, causing clogging and, above all, a problem in cleaning the wastewater, which is, therefore, one of the main causes of water contamination. 

How to use 

Necessary ingredients to make a candle with 110g that saves 100L of water:

- 100mL of vegetable oil (used or virgin)
- 1 sachet (20g) of ecological scented wax (included)
- 1 wick and wickholder (included)
- Candleholder or another container of your preference

Preparation time: 5 min.
Cost: Low
Difficulty: Low

To create your candle in a simple & fun way, please follow these simple steps:

1. Place 100ml of wasted and filtered used vegetable oil in a measuring cup.
2. Heat it in the microwave for two minutes. If prefered, you can heat it in a boilling water bath.
3. Add 1 sachet (20g) of scented ecological wax.
4. Stir the ingredients well to obtain a blended mixture.
5. Pour the mixture into a heat-resistant container of your choice .
6. Insert the wick, centering it with the help of the wickholder. It should be placed on the sides of the container .
7. Leave the candle to solidify (about 20 minutes).

You can customize your candle even more. If you wish to color your candle, add the pellets between step number 3 and 4 (maximum 2 pellets per 100mL). For more information about how to color your candles, you can visit our accessories.


Candles tested by international laboratories.

Do not ingest. Obtain medical assistance if swallowed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Avoid contact with skin. Use only for candle making purposes. Light only in a supervised place. Only to be used by adults or under adult supervision. Keep away from children and pets. Always leave at least 10 em between burning candles. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch on fire. May cause an allergic reaction. Should not exceed 3h – 4h continuous burning.

DIY Candle Kit - Create your eco candles - Essentials, 5 fragances

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