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Muhammara Pumpkin Paradise

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Plant B
Muhammara | Cinnamon roasted pumpkin | Spiced quinoa | Sauercrowd | Cranberries

Chefs tip: drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil

Our Muhammara is flavour on flavour on flavour! Cinnamon roasted pumpkin, subtly seasoned quinoa and sauerkraut.


quinoa 34.3%, butternut squash 20.2%, red bell pepper, organic sauercrowd 9.1% [white cabbage, paprika, yellow chillis, cayenne peper, smoked paprika powder, sea salt], chickpeas, onion, walNUTS, tomato concentrate, dried cranberries 2%, date syrup, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable broth [salt, yeast extract, modified potato starch, carrot, CELERY, white cabbage, leek, ognion, native olive oil, sugar, maltodextrin, vegetable extracts, herbs and spices, lemon juice, vegetable oil], parsley, cumin, coriander seed, cinnamon, sea salt, turmeric, paprika powder, garlic, black pepper


Per portion (480g): Energy 2377KJ/568kcal, Fat 21.3g (of which saturated 2.3g), Carbohydrates 65.6g (of which sugar 19.9g), Protein 16.3g, Salt 2g, Dietary fiber 15.7g

Per 100g: Energy 495KJ/118kcal, Fat 4.4g (of which saturated 0.5g), Carbohydrates 13.7g (of which sugar 4.1g), Protein 3.4g, Salt 0.4g, Dietary fiber 3.3g


Oven (180°C): 30-35 min / Magnetron (650W): 8-10 min

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Muhammara Pumpkin Paradise

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