Amber Revolution - How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine!

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Amber Revolution - How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine!

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Auteur: Simon J. Woolf - Hardcover - 300 pagina's - 241 x 171mm

Voor iedereen die meer wilt weten over oranje wijn is dit boek een absolute must have. Oranje wijn expert Simon J. Woolf vertelt over de eeuwenoude geschiedenis van oranje wijn, de recente opkomst, verschillende wijnmaak processen en nog zoveel meer.

In dit boek over oranje wijn vind je onder andere:

  • Profielen van 180 van de beste oranje wijn producenten ter wereld, verspreid over 20 landen
  • Advies voor food paring
  • Tips om van de oranje wijn te genieten
  • Waar je oranje wijn het beste kunt kopen
  • Informatie over verschillende wijnmaak methodes
  • Uitdagingen en fouten in oranje wijnen

Daarnaast is het een kleurrijk boek met prachtige foto's en illustraties.

Bekijk ook onze blog over oranje wijn

Boekintroductie (ENG):

Amber Revolution is the rags to riches story of orange wine – the world’s oldest and most distinct wine style, almost abandoned after two world wars, then rediscovered half a century later amidst controversy and misunderstanding.

Part compelling social history, part orange wine primer, Amber Revolution weaves its tale of oppression, struggle and persistence across the shifting borders of Friuli and Slovenia, to the Caucasus, Georgia and beyond.

Includes a guide to 180 recommended producers from 20 countries, plus tips for buying, food matching and enjoying orange wines.

The book is beautifully illustrated by the photos of Ryan Opaz, plus hand-drawn maps and diagrams from designers Studio Eyal & Myrthe

About the author

Simon J Woolf is an award-winning English wine and drinks writer, currently clinging to mainland Europe in Amsterdam. This is his first book.

Originally trained as a musician, Simon worked variously as a sound engineer, IT consultant and alternative currency designer before wine took over his life. His writing career began in 2011 with the founding of The Morning Claret – an online wine magazine which has become one of the world’s best loved resources for natural, artisanal, organic and biodynamic wine.

When not obsessing about orange wine, Simon is a keen cook and lover of difficult music.

Amber Revolution - How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine!

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